About TP Industrial

With well over 30 years of experience in the industry, TP Industrial Yarns? has established itself as a reliable source in the global market of industrial yarns.

Our aim is to offer our customers a full distribution service, which includes sourcing, converting, warehousing, transporting and managing the quality of our yarns This enables the customer to focus on its core business, while we ensure the delivery of the finest yarns according to the customer′s wishes. At TP Industrial Yarns it is extremely important that our service facilitates convenience, transparancy, flexibility and the delivery of consistent quality.

To ensure that the world’s finest yarns reach our customers perfectly, we are involved with all the processes that precede the final delivery to the customer. Our service starts with sourcing the best yarns from our global network of partners. All of our producers possess an ISO-certification and have proven to deliver yarns of consistent quality throughout our years of cooperation.

After shipment, the yarns are stored for inventory in The Netherlands. Since March 2012, we are in charge of our own warehouse, which gives us the opportunity to facilitate maximum efficiency, to perform extra quality control on our products and to ensure shorter delivery times. Upon request, we can label our yarns with the customers′ own bar codes, to make internal inventory management easier for our clients.

Besides delivering our standard ‘ Yarn Types’?, we are able to offer our customers customized yarns.? Our converting partners turn the basic yarns into special ones that are twisted, multiplied or made-up according to the customer’s preference.

Our final service consists of transporting the yarns to the required destinations and ensuring that the supply of our yarns, as well as our service, results in satisfied customers all over the globe.

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